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7^ fiera della coltelleria artigianale e mostra coltelli. Albacete, 24-25-26 giugno 2016

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Lame d'autore

Artistical, sporting, collecting knives

  • Italian, specific, magazine about the knife world (4 issues + 2 special issues = 6 issues per year) distributed by knife shops, newspaper kiosques and by subscription
  • Italian text with some English

After the experience of the magazine “Coltelli che passione !” the really first one in Italy (born in 1992) devoted to the knife world, in 1998 starts Lame d’autore, artistiche, sportive da collezione, produced in Italy by an Italian publisher.

The variety of topics concerned among the panorama of Italian and international cutlery by any artistic, collecting and custom point of as well as articles and tests of brand industrial trademarks, reviews and reportages from the main important knife shows in Italy and abroad, history and technique, curiosities from the fascinating world of beautiful blades together with high quality full colour pictures and layout make Lame d’autore the leading publication for professionals and people fond of knives.

A quality magazine to be read, studied, collected.

From 2007, the reader of Lame d’autore can also enjoy two new special issues (one issue each per year), Lame d’autore, in Sardegna, especially devoted to the Italian region where, due to history and tradition, custom knives are mainly produced and Lame d’autore, in cucina, kitchen knives or professional blades as well as quality objects for cooking and enjoying good food and wine.

Knife enthusiasts should know better about these subjects too !

Celso Fiocchi

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